Fighting Burnout: Lokko Case Study

Locum Visits Stanthorpe

We followed a Matt Rebgetz, a Lokko Physio around to see how a better work/life balance can keep you motivated. Check out the Video below where he makes the most of a weekend shift at The Physio Center in Stanthorpe.



Video Transcript:

I graduated around six years ago from a doctor of physiotherapy at Bond University. The things I love about being a physio is the fact that you’re there to help people get back to what they love to do, whether it be surfing, whether it be getting out of bed and learning to walk again, or maintaining mobility through the later stages of life.

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve been faced with, is when you’re working in different clinical settings there is a possibility that you may reach a burnout. I think across the board that physios can tend to be in only one area and after a few years they leave, and that’s what’s quite sad. I think if there’s the opportunity to work in a range of places and a few different locations that gives you that variety and that stimulation, which as a physio it’s really important the remuneration for physios can be quite varied. I’ve found if you can work somewhere where you paid an hourly rate that’s great, if you’re working in a private practice setting it can be up or it can be down. So I’ve chimed a lot of those settings together and that’s worked out quite well for me and if I can pick up a few locums here and  there then that’s just an added bonus because they’re also remunerated quite well.

I like to use a local app because it’s giving me variety, it’s quite easy to use and is a streamlined process to gain further clinical experience in a in a variety of settings. The aspects that I really enjoyed about working in Stanthorpe is the the variety of people. I really enjoyed my time there as I went and visited a couple of wineries and met the the winemakers themselves and they they gave me a bit of a tour of their vineyards, which to me was it was really cool to see. What I can take out of these experiences is that I can pick up new skills and work in a new area and it may be somewhere different to what I’m usually working in and I can combine that with also seeing a new place.

So I think that blend of new skills and new environments works really well for me and that that’s where I get my enjoyment as a physio.

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