A purpose built app that lowers the cost and streamlines the process in finding and filling locum shifts.

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Who uses Lokko
Clinics and Agencies...

Manage your inhouse and external team, all from your phone. Perfect for both high volume and one-off availability.

If you need to fill temporary or even full time positions, simply add a shift and wait for a suitable practitioner to apply.


Lokko makes it easier to find work and travel at the same time. It can also be used to subsidise your part time or full time work, giving you the flexibility to pickup shifts when it suits.

Build your ratings and reputation on the app to get more shifts, or increase your rate. You can also upload your credentials and store them all in the one place, making it a hassle free process for both you and the clinic.

Why Lokko and not a typical job board?
Managers and recruiters...
  1. No more cold calls and blanket emails
  2. More cost effective compared to general job boards
  3. Pass savings on to attract better staff
  4. Deal directly with the Practitioner
  5. Fill staff sick days fast
  6. Cover holiday leave quickly
  7. Invite your inhouse team
  8. Revolutionise the way your practice works
  9. Don’t accept short staffing at hospitals
  1. Full transparancy of fees
  2. Freedom to work on your terms
  3. Work where you want, when you want
  4. Work across multiple fields
  5. Earn additional income
  6. Simple to sign up
  7. Earn additional income
  8. Build your reputation through ratings and get more work
Where can Lokko be used?

Lokko can be used anywhere, especially for those using it for just their inhouse team.

Lokko is growing, but please get in touch if you would like us to extend our reach into your area.

  • Hospitals
  • GP clinics
  • Aged care facilities