How do I adjust my notification settings?

Go to the ‘Settings’ menu to turn on/off email and push notifications. You can also fine tune things even further by tapping ‘Notification filters’ and setting the location, radius, type, and minimum hourly rate. Here is a quick video.

How do I add team members?

Why is it helpful to add team members? Well it really comes down to how you are using the app. The in house team feature in the app allows you to advertise any shift to your existing team free of charge before it goes out to the external pool. This can typically work really well if you have an “on call” roster or a number of part time or temporary staff.

It’s also a great way to keep Locums that you like in your in-house team and will give you a chance to advertise shifts to them in future for free. Organisations with all staff working the same hours would be less likely to use this feature but it may come in handy down the track and is always better to have staff learn new technology sooner rather than later.

How do I add my clinic locations?

The locations feature helps you and practitioners manage locations. By using the add locations function we are able to sync this to the practitioners geographical parameters and enable them to see shifts closer to where they want to see them. Use this feature to set up all locations you are recruiting for and the locations you enter will pop up when you advertise a shift.

How do I add a shift

Adding a shift to Lokko is easy. The important part is to include as much information as possible to attract the right candidates. Start by selecting if you want the shift to go out to all candidates or just your in house team. You can now select where the shift is, what type of work it is, the rate, date range and hours of the shift. We will now update you regularly on how your shift is tracking and help you manage applicants.

What fee should I set?

When advertising a shift you need to keep in mind that setting the right hourly rate for the location will largely influence the application rate for your shift. We will send you periodic data of application and approval rates for your location as a summary as often as we can to help you set the right hourly rate. While you have a shift available we want to help you fill it as much as possible so we will give you a nudge if it looks like its set a little too low.

What is a Verified Lokko Physio?

We want to make sure practitioners are who they say they are, so that clinics and other healthcare organisation can have confidence in the people they are hiring for shifts. When a clinic sees the ‘Verified’ icon, they know a pracitioners qualifications and personal details have been checked by Lokko. Click here to read more.