What is a Locum Physio?

A locum refers to interim medical work performed by a person of the same profession. A locum physio will temporarily fill a position when the usual staff member is absent or when a hospital or clinic is short-staffed.

Whether you are just starting out in the medical industry and looking for medical experience or are a senior practitioner looking for flexibility and a lifestyle change,  a Locum position can work for you. 

Where can you find work

Locums can be found across Australia within varying medical workplace environments. Locums stand-in at private and public hospitals, independent clinics, doctor’s surgeries and on-call medical services. Locum work can provide an improved work and life balance, with practitioners being able to choose the location, type of work and hours performed in a substitute position. Locum work can open doors to a network of clinics who need locums on a regular basis. A regular locum arrangement means that clinics do not have to send patients away when short-staffed.


Locum physios could also be referred to as freelance physios in comparison to a job at the one specific clinic, facility, or practice. Locums find many benefits with this type of interim work. Benefits include:

  • Gain experience in different medical environments
  • Advance your medical knowledge with varying practitioner approaches
  • Try a new clinic each day, week or month
  • Prospects of permanent work in a preferred clinic
  • Higher paid opportunities
  • Short term work
  • Improved lifestyle and work balance
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Hundreds of locum jobs available to choose from across Australia


Lokko specialises in locum work placements to a network of clinics across Australia for physiotherapists looking for flexibility, increased work life balance and higher paid opportunities.

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