Resume improvements that are easy

To sign up as a practitioner to Lokko there’s a few things you’ll need to stand out. Here are our tips for improving your resume to increase your likelihood of securing a shift.

  1. Focus on the most recent and the most relevant – employers are looking for recent experience in similar or the same field of work. Have the position description from the job advert next to you when you are editing your resume and make sure you are ticking all the boxes.
  2. Build a summary at the very start that stands out – remember for some roles there may be dozens of applicants or more. Its important to stand out early. The first paragraph of a resume needs to be a summary of why they should hire you. Not why you want to work for them. Use relevant words, terms and wow them in the first paragraph.
  3. Trim the fat – 3-4 page resume not only don’t get read but are a complete waste of your time and an indicator that you struggle to be efficient. Keep to a few key rules like, only describing in detail your last 2 roles and summarise the rest in a simpler format. If you are applying for the CEO position at Microsoft you probably don’t need to include 9 months at Pizza Hut you worked when you were 16.
  4. Make key points stand out for skim reading – Make sure when you read it back the key points stand out. And what are the key points? Focus on the selection criteria and make an effort to separate them from big chunks of text
  5. Put some effort into the layout and design – This is probably an obvious one but keep in mind you need the design and layout to be aligned with the industry you work in. If you’re an account you prob don’t need to create and artistic masterpiece.

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