Fasciitis Fighter: Fighting For Balance with Hamish Vickerman- Hamish The Physio, innovator and father

Today we chatted to physiotherapist, Fasciitis Fighter creator, father of one and absolute legend Hamish Vickerman about work life balance, innovation and changing the way physios work.

Q – Tell us a little bit about what your current work week looks like?

Hamish – At the moment I’m working 4 full days treating clients and have Wednesdays off to spend time with my daughter Nina. I also work some shifts as a locum in orthopaedic rehabilitation on a regular basis. I spend most of my time between clients, working on the Fasciitis Fighter and on social media sharing relevant, up to date content for likeminded HCP’s (Health Care Professionals).

Q – We used to work together in a private practice, what made you want to take the next step into doing your own thing?

Hamish – The flexibility to be able to live a life that I enjoy was certainly a key driving force behind it. I was confident I could get out of the 9-5 (physio world 8-7 grind) and still make the same money as a full time physio so I jumped into it. I have been lucky enough to have the time to focus on developing the Fasciitis Fighter, which was an idea of mine from a few years ago that I’ve finally been able to commercialise now that I have the time.

Q – Speaking of the Fasciitis Fighter, it’s been wildly popular since you launched it only a few short weeks ago with huge uptake and support from some of the most renowned health professionals on social media. How are you handling the uptake? I notice you are already out of stock it must be a wild ride?

Hamish – It’s been great with support from Whiteley Healthcare and Briggate Medical in Australia with distribution and huge support from health professionals around the world. Its crazy seeing my product reach all corners of the earth. I’ve recently sold a bunch to an NBA team in the US and NRL team in Australia too, which is fantastic. I have a great supply chain and manufacturing partner and we will be getting the Fasciitis Fighter back into the hands of clinicians early next week. I definitely did not expect there to be such a demand so quickly but am grateful that it has been. Ultimately, selling too much stock is a great problem to have.

Q – It’s great to see you’ve been able to accomplish so much with this work flexibility. What do you think the future holds for you?

Hamish – I love helping people, solving issues and connecting with like-minded individuals around the world through social media. Whether it’s seeing clients in clinic, helping people improve their foot pain around the world with the Fasciitis Fighter or working to see the physio profession grow, I’m confident I’ll still be in this industry for years to come and hopefully enjoying it more than ever.

What a pleasure it was speaking to the man himself. Make sure to follow Hamish on he’s social media handles through the links below. Keep an eye out for our next weekly interview at Lokko.






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